A Little Jaunt to Denmark

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I nipped over to Copenhagen last week for a little getaway. Really enjoyed the city!

There also happened to be a four night moving street rave called ‘Distortion‘ that was taking place. Very fun and different.

Did a free walking tour for 3 hours with ‘Copenhagen Free Walking Tours‘ that I highly recommend!

Checking out the old palace..burnt down and rebuilt twice!
Photo 2013-05-31 17.42.52

The beautiful Christhaven district.
Photo 2013-05-31 17.41.05

Found a Paleo food restaurant called ‘PALAEO’ in the Israel Square food markets! Tasty wrap made with an egg casing.
Photo 2013-05-31 17.50.24

Awesome typical Danish street food: hotdogs!
Photo 2013-05-31 17.46.27

The start of the ‘Distortion’ festival.
Photo 2013-05-31 17.46.21

There are some amazing parks in Copenhagen: here’s ├śrstedsparken
Photo 2013-05-31 17.45.26

Inside Tivoli gardens: an amusement park right in the center of the city.
Photo 2013-05-31 17.43.13

Photo 2013-05-31 17.43.44

…and this is me upside down a long way in the air…
Photo 2013-05-31 17.45.11

Climbed the 400 steps of the winding spire at Christs church on the first day. Brilliant view from the top.
Photo 2013-05-31 17.45.16

Photo 2013-05-31 17.41.48

Photo 2013-05-31 17.44.49

Photo 2013-05-31 17.41.10

The New Harbour area – heavily gentrified from it’s original form.
Photo 2013-05-31 17.44.31

View from the ramparts at the Copenhagen citadel.
Photo 2013-05-31 17.50.20

Supposedly the number one thing to visit in the city: The Little Mermaid.
Photo 2013-05-31 17.50.23

Not entirely sure what this building is but as a designer I really enjoy the copper roof.
Photo 2013-05-31 17.40.51 (2)

Our guide Igor giving us a talk en-route from the Palace. Denmark has the coolest Monarh in existence I’d venture.
Photo 2013-05-31 17.43.52

Photo 2013-05-31 17.44.27

The new library.
Photo 2013-05-31 17.42.35

The worlds largest collection of beer bottles at the Carlsberg Brewery. Over 16,400 in total.
Photo 2013-05-31 17.50.36

…and although I don’t drink beer, I did have an obligatory draft whilst visiting the brewery. Ratehr good actually.
Photo 2013-05-31 17.51.34

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