A Word From My Professor: No Zen Jiu-Jitsu

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Two and a half years ago I achieved one of my biggest accomplishments to date. A purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under this man:


This is Wilson Junior. He’s the head instructor for Carlson Gracie here in the UK and he is ‘Old School‘. I mean that in the sense that, true to the Carlsons lineage, he aims for utter devastation on the mats through constant pressure, tenacity and submissions. Less sport Jiu-Jitsu, more tear your face off. You know: the good stuff.

Every so often, Wilson decides to get on the interwebz and remind the folks of the UK BJJ community that Jiu-Jitsu is not a tea party (yes that was an actual quote of his) and that like it or not: the softly softly approach on the mats doesn’t fly in his mind.

Here is some of his latest gold. It gels with much of what I’ve considered in the past couple of years on a personal level and why I started hitting the gym harder. What good is my technique if I’m not also strong and conditioned? I have not edited the spelling or grammar, just added some paragraph breaks to make it a bit easier to read.


Student to me: Whats a easy way to scape from side control? i then show around 5 variations, all not been good enough as the guy is struggling (i could say didnt work becouse he is a white belt,plus light weight and worst coordination ever). Complaining face saying he has to use to much strengh and its not working. It annoys me soo much to see this level of weak person on my club.

So you want a magic scape..??? i will touch in your pressure points and Andre Galvao on top of you will fly 3 metres? do you think this gonna happen?? Its sad becouse his mind was polued for his background ninjtsu,shushu jitsu,fu fu jitsu Martial art he done before join us. The reality is you will need ALL the knowledge you have PLUS all the testosterone you have on midle of your legs to be able to scape from side,mount etc

The is no easy way. The only way is fucking hard work,thousand of hours on the mats,hours of judo ,hours off mat sprinting, dead lifts ,squats, snatch and etc Piss me off sooo much to see someone been a wimp….. “huuhuhu wilson its too hard,i cant do it ” So my friend my advice is “DONT FUCKING DO IT, LET HIM SMASH YOU IN THE FACE”

At end of day you are paying for my advice but you can always do what da fuck you want.. You think you know better or know another way fell always free to use it but bare in mind i been on the mats for over 25 years,trainning and sparring with legends of the sport. when people was playing Atari first game i was then going to Maracana watch Muay thai smash Jiu jitsu (in fact was a draw, Ruas draw ,Bering won, eugenio won) or going to same garage or the backpart of some gym to watch people fight vale tudo ,no hands no refree,a lot of blood. I still remenber when marcelo behring(Bjj) mount Bruce lucio(kung fu) i think and his corner throw the towel and Helio vigio as refree throw back to the corner just to make sure the guy (Bruce lucio) recive a proper beating. Unfortunately for the other guy the refree (Helio Vigio) apart from been a top Black belt of BJJ himself was carring a gun, he was the high leader of the special forces of Rio de Janeiro Police with 20 years on the force and hundreds of kills on the back, not real the best guy for you complain something…

As me been a kid watching this everyday you develop a real interest to know what works or what not. I spend many 100000 hours trying to scape from mounth,side etc … not soo much on berimbolos… Back then you could not real try fancy stuff as if dosent you could lose some teeths. Go and try your pressure points in a 130kg wrestler and see what happen. Or then go try the funky cool scape you learn on youtube, scape from side to flying triple x gogoplata… yeah gonna work for sure. You learn all this side from martial arts which dont have full 100% sparring and there we go, we got this shit.

So friends and students my advice is learn what the more experiment people have to say, dont do shit martial arts,stop watching shit on youtube, put some testosterone boster on your diet,etc. There is nothing easy in life (at least for me). There is no easy Bjj ..you want a easy sport go play Golf,badminton,or whatdafuck ever you want do..

Brazilian Jiu jitsu is a Martial art , If you dont like always feel free to go to another club, there is no Zen Bjj here in Carlsons, never was.