Beast Mode Sandwich Binge – The Shooter

Josh PalmerNutrition

I’d been planning this little binge for about 3 or 4 weeks for straight after my recent Amateur MMA bout in Norwich. Every so often I make some pretty epic food concoctions and for some reason this was what I really wanted right there and then. I almost never eat bread anymore so that may have had something to do with it.

Have you ever heard of a ‘Shooters Sandwich‘? If you have you’ll know it’s awesome. If you haven’t then read more food blogs and realise what kind of cool stuff you’re missing out on! The proper version is shown rather nicely by the Guardian in this article.

Now this is obviously a major bastardisation of what the sandwich should actually be. I make some very good steak but I wasn’t really interested in trying this recipe with it just yet…decent rib-eyes get expensive! But I basically just wanted to test out the principle of shoving things into a hollowed piece of bread and crushing it flat. Mission accomplished.

So let’s begin…


A decent artisan round loaf, steak burgers with garlic, pork sausages, oak smoked bacon, macaroni cheese (yes really), brie, onions, sweet pointed peppers and chorizo which I didn’t use in the end because I ate it all earlier.

NOTE: I don’t buy much supermarket meat (I get stuff mostly from Muscle Food or a butcher) but I threw this together on the fly having grabbed all the ingredients at the end of my weight cut right before driving to the venue the day before!


A fairly stiff artisan loaf of bread.


Cut a hole in the top and scoop out all the bread inside…I had to try like mad not to just dip that in the bacon fat I’d rendered and scoff it as well.


Butter, Dijon mustard and a swirl of ketchup (because why not?). Should have used way more mustard.


Fried the steak burgers and halved them. Most times I’d smoke them but time was of the essence and I felt like being lazy. At this point I’ve no idea how much of everything would actually fit so I’m haphazardly guessing.

You can’t see it in this photo or the next one but this is also where the bacon AND sausages went in.


Macaroni cheese. No I won’t appologise for it. This is supposed to be an absurd sandwich and this simply solidifies it’s absurdity….and fills in all the gaps around the burgers and bacon.


Sweet red peppers that were roasted for 45 minutes. I put these in 90% of big sandwiches I make.


Add the brie, because you can never have enough cheese when you’re trying to make something ridiculous.


Finally: caramelised onions. As with the peppers, these go on so many of my burger/steak/sandwich dishes. Just a shame they take a while to cook. I once slow cooked them for about 90 minutes to see how rich of an onion gravy I could make.


Wrapped in grease proof paper and foil…ready to get squished.


That’s about 110lbs of weight…it’s not enough in my opinion.


Much more appropriate! Now it’s closer to 175lbs of heavy stuff. Next time: maybe not quite as much is needed.


I disappeared for 6 hours to go and judge a grass roots MMA show that was happening just up the road and when I came back the whole thing had gotten decidedly pancake shaped. Though this was the idea, it was probably a bit overkill.

When unwrapped the outside was a little soggy so I threw it in the oven for 20 minutes to crisp up and reheat. Did the trick nicely.



Tasted reasonable, satisfied my sandwich lust and overall was fairly successful. However next time I make this: fewer fillings with much more intense/flavours and a bit less weight or time under it.