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I can admit, I am prone to knee-jerk reactions. Thankfully they last all of a matter of seconds before I digest the real implications of whatever just happened. But this one has me firmly split down the middle…

As I mention in my back story, I had a pretty significant way of commemorating the combined landmarks of 100lbs weight loss and achieving my BJJ purple belt…I got a tattoo.

Over a few weeks of back and forth I worked up a great custom design with Adam Edwards at Chameleons Tattoo in Dagenham. It said everything I wanted: ‘Jiu-Jitsu Saved My Life’.

Here’s the ink as it’s sat on my back right after it was finished (the lighter wash has kicked in once healed and all the detail really ‘pops’ now.

Now part of the joy of designing and having a piece like this is that it’s custom: you are the only person walking the face of the earth with this artwork. Well at least I was untill a BJJ’er in Spain copied the ‘Jiu-Jitsu’ and belt loop calligraphy stroke for stroke on their inner bicep.

Should I be annoyed or flattered…On this one: I’m just not sure.


The artist (Iria BJJ) posted this to facebook in response to everyone’s comments:

“ello,i am responsable about this pic,i made the tattoo and i apologize to the artist because i know how he feel and how feel the client. Like an artist i know that in the world of tattoos many many people comes to tattoo studio with an idea or some pics for to make the tattoo,somebody likes the desings that i do for they but someone wants the tattoo exactly like the pic they giving to me. I prefer originals desings but the tattoo is not for me.
Anyway, the girl who i made the tattoo, right,is whitebelt but, she have a story too. After to live a hard life the jiu-jitsu changed her life, now she also love bjj. And she found this desing on internet and this tattoo inspired to her so much,she wanted like this cause is a great desing.
I only can to say that everyone should recognize and admire the Adam’s work, and understand that all of us we love jiu-jitsu.
Jiu-jitsu is a part of our lifes and we have that in common.
Now Josh have something moré in common with someone elsewhere in the world.
Respect to all and enjoy bjj! Oss”

You know what: I can live with that 😉 OSSSSSSS!

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