Cage Warriors 75 – London

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Well…after 18 months away: Cage Warriors has returned!

Not only has it returned: it’s returned with a vengence including a deal to be broadcast live on UFC Fightpass!

I’m soon to be reolocating a few thousand miles, so it’s very unlikely I’ll be able to continue representing CWFC ont he screen. However, when management asked my to do this show, I couldn’t really say no. One last time to see all the crew and friends I’ve built over the last five years and hopefully, put on a damn good MMA show.


My former broadcast partner Brad wasn’t to be joining me for this event. Instead I teamed up with the one and only Jens ‘Little Evil’ Pulver! Jens is not only a veteran of over 45 pro fights but the first ever UFC lightweight world champion. His depth of knwoledge in the striking exchanges is second to none. Not only do I have an insane amount of fun calling fights wiht him, but I get to learn some cool stuff about what is proabbly the weakest area of my own commentary.

Watch the whole vent on UFC Fightpass.

Photo credit: Dolly Clew

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