I’m Finally Back On The Mend!

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I have always known that at some point in my grappling exploits I’ll acquire a significant enough injury to keep me out for a lengthy amount of time. I’ve had close calls before of course: a seriously pulled pec major courtesy of a Judo Olympian, a nasty bout of cellulitis from an infection in my arm and a ‘slight’ fracture … Read More

My Interview with the ‘Eat Sleep Grow Repeat’ Podcast

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Leaving apart the fact that rather amusingly Jamie spelt ‘Jiu-Jitsu’ wrong…this was a really fun interview to do! I’m also overwhelmed by the lovely response from the facebook community – many people have heard my story before but plenty haven’t and to see it shared so well was really nice to see. Get the podcast on iTunes here: iTunes …or … Read More

New Sponsor: Valor Fightwear!

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I am very pleased to say that I, and my endeavors with the Top Control Podcast, are now sponsored by the most excellent: VALOR FIGHTWEAR. I have been particularly impressed with the products Valor have produced over the last 18 months, their excellent price point and their willingness to sponsor both BJJ and MMA practitioners. Anyone who has met Kevin … Read More

The Return of the Top Control Podcast!

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Last year in July I launched a new project. I wasn’t sure how it was going to go and didn’t really have a plan beyond just getting it going. This project was the Top Control Podcast: Conversations with all manner of folks involved in the grappling lifestyle. Not just Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu but all grappling styles with some big slants towards … Read More

Food Porn – My BJJ Birthday Cake!

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Just thought I’d share this quickly since it, quite frankly, is one of the coolest things anyone has ever mad eme! It was my birthday last week and my Girlfriend whipped up this great cake – even captured by custom-dyed green gi perfectly! NOTE: It was also one of my close friends birthdays the same week so she included him … Read More

Some mid-month good feelings

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Well isn’t this month going rather well?! As any of you who’ve read my other writing will know I’m a firm believer in keeping things positive but this month certainly has plenty of good things to be thankful for. Lets kick off with what’s undoubtedly the biggest success of the past few weeks: The Top Control Podcast I’d played with … Read More

A Little Jaunt to Denmark

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I nipped over to Copenhagen last week for a little getaway. Really enjoyed the city! There also happened to be a four night moving street rave called ‘Distortion‘ that was taking place. Very fun and different. Did a free walking tour for 3 hours with ‘Copenhagen Free Walking Tours‘ that I highly recommend! Checking out the old palace..burnt down and … Read More