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Time for a general update:

I haven’t been that focused on updating this blog recently mainly because…well I’ve been out doing all those things I enjoy. It’s not that I haven’t had worthy things to write about either. I could have coddled together a few posts covering a range of topics but given time constraints I’m weary of pointlessness…the irony being that this post in and of itself is somewhat pointless. But I think it’s important to get a few things clear in my head and set the stage for the coming year, a year, which promises to be very interesting indeed.

Cage Warriors closed 2012 in exceptional style. A new years eve show at ‘The Helix’ arena in Dublin, Ireland. The fights: astounding. The crowd: phenomenal. All contributing to an atmosphere that made it hard to be anything but overwhelmed at the product the promotion put out that evening.

2013 for the promotion will kick off on March the 9th back in London. Already slated for the event are some brilliant fights including the CWFC welterweight championship bout between Gael Grimaud and Cathal Pendred. What a main event to begin another hectic CWFC schedule! (More info here).

I’m working on refocusing my training efforts. I powered through everything for so long in the run-up to the no-gi Europeans last October that I had a bit of an inevitable dip after the event. I rebounded a tad with my weight over the Christmas period back to around 91-92Kg but have already rectified this relapse. By all accounts this was actually a very successful holiday period for me as I have typically gained somewhere in the region of 8-10Kg at this time every year.

Sadly my primary BJJ club has made a not unwarranted decision to leave our affiliation with Carlson Gracie team. We’ve been part of the organisation for four years and those of us who’ve been here the whole time have had some great experiences and made some great friends. I would dearly have loved to one day be able to say that I achieved my brown belt under Wilson but alas it’s unlikely now given the circumstances. That being said I will continue to train, hopefully upping my participation in competitions, and the Jiu-Jitsu journey will go on. Things change. The club will be announcing a new affiliation soon, one which we hope will afford our students more regular interaction with higher belts.

One slight hiccup: as I write this I may very well have a damaged meniscus. Not ideal by any means.

A lot of people have found my latest decision odd, but I have recently hired a nutritionist working to principles set out in Martin Berkhans ‘Leangains’ protocols involving intermittent Fasting and Macro Cycling. I’ve taken my previous endeavors with a purely ketogenic approach as far as I would like to for the time being. I need to start focusing on nutrition for performance, lean muscle development and serious training! I needed help fitting carbs back in to my life and I needed someone who had experience and a proven track record in doing this. Aside from the Christmas bloat, all things appear to be moving in the right direction.

I’ll be reporting on this in full once the first three month cycle ends but what I can say for certain now is that when followed: this approach most certainly works!

I’ll end on a happy note. I get occasional messages of support or thanks for sharing my weight-loss story from all over the place. Most are simple one liners, like: “Thank you, made a bad day that I’m having so much better.“. I even had one that said: “Made my dick cry”. OK that one’s a little weird but you get the idea.

Well last week I got a long message all the way from California. Made my weekend pretty damn good.

Have a read and go hulk smash whatever you’re planing on doing today.


I’m a 26 year guy living in Los Angeles, California. I have a bachelors degree and currently working my way up the corporate ladder. I’ve struggled with weight for as long as I can remember. All the men in my family are thin and lanky, witht the exception of my dad who was thin AND a born athlete. So naturally, my family disapproved of me and my physique. To this day, the only thing my dad ever talks to me about is losing weight.

I had a long time girlfriend for several years throughout and after college whom I thought I was going to marry, and (as relationships tend to do) I ballooned to 240lbs and I’m only 5′ 8″. But like you mentioned in your blog Life throws curveballs. That breakup was utterly devastating for me. My thought process was that I’ve never been tall or exceptionally good looking, so finding a girlfriend was like a novelty item for me. I went into somewhat of a depression and dropped 40lbs in 3 months and have been hovering around the 200lb range since.

I was sitting around my apartment all alone around new years eve time, and I was angry. I thought to myself, “I don’t understand. I’m such a nice guy and I never hurt anybody and I always try to help. Why am I so lonely? Why am I so unlucky? When am I going to catch a break?? I was in tears. Imagine…a 26 year old man sobbing all alone on his couch. I looked up suddenly and saw a Tony Robbins book that had been collecting dust on my shelf. A friend had recommended it to me years ago and I never bothered to open it. So I thought what the hell, sure can’t get any worse. That book led to tapes. I listened to his story about how Sylvester Stallone was so broke that he had to sell his dog, but turned down over a quarter of $1 million for the script to Rocky because they wouldn’t let him live his dream of starring in it. My life changed that night. You remind me of Rocky.

So I went out the day after New Years and bought a fancy blender. I threw away all the bread and sugar in my apartment, and told my roommate that all dairy products were now his. I began to juice heavily with kale, apples, spinach, broccoli, tomatoes, any fruit or veggie I could get my hands on I would use. It’s been about 3 weeks and I’m also on my second week of P90X, and I intend to finish the full 90 days without fail.

So how is this relavent to you and me? Well, you and I share one very rare trait: determination. If you haven’t already noticed most people our age just kid of drift through life. They see what works at the moment, use it up and move to the next. “I hate Mondays. My job sucks. The world is a dick”. I used to say those things too. But something just clicked inside my head. I was tired of being unhappy all the time. I was tired of getting rejected by friends and family and especially girls that I wanted to date. People LOVE to see me fail. I don’t know why, it’s always been that way. You know when your team loses in the game before the championship so you want that team to go on to win it all so it seems like at the very least you guys lost to the champs? Yeah, that’s not me. People want to keep me down at all costs. Like I said, I don’t know why, it’s just always been like that.

Your story is very very inspiring. I can see color come back to your face with each improving picture and it’s evident that you’ve found a sense of self in YOURSELF and not food. I was so depressed at one point that I would go through a drive-thru, eat, then go to another one. Food was the only thing that didn’t reject me.

I see things much more positively now. Instead of saying I can’t I say I will. I’m still a lonely guy and most of my friends are either married or in seriously committed relationships. That’s okay, I’ve accepted that. I’ve also accepted that I can’t truly be happy with another person if I’m not first happy with myself. I now look forward to eating healthy and working out.

Again, thank you for your message. It really helps me to maintain my confidence by reminding me that I’m not alone in this struggle for self improvement. For me, today has to be better than yesterday, and tomorrow should be better than today. Good luck in your endeavors with BJJ and the MMA world and I’ll hopefully see on on my TV!

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