I Won My First British Championship!

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You guys won’t know (because I’ve been somewhat lazy in updating the blog with my thought process lately!) but I have had a complete revamp of the way I’ve been training both physically and more importantly: mentally. The result: I just won my first British BJJ Open.

Why does this mean so much to me? Well other than I get to use the moniker ‘British Champ’ it represents such a global shift in the way I think about competition and the absolute culmination of several months hard work with a specific goal in mind. I’ll get into some of the key changes I made in another post but focus and clarity played a huge part in the process. Every day for the past five weeks I’ve written an affirmation in my daily journal that says “It’s may 16th and I am British Champion in the -88.3Kg class”. to see that come to fruition is overwhelming to say the least.

Three matches: A sub in the first contest after going 5-0 up on points. A bye in the second round after an opponent no-showed followed by a close advantage win in the semi-final. The final I took an early 5-0 lead but got swept and managed to cling on despite some serious exhaustion to win 5-2.

Here’s an album of some of my arm/collar drags and the one submission I scored in my first match:

British Open 2015 – Arm/Collar Drags

That’s now four competitions resulting in four medals since I’ve had my knee surgery. I’m competing again next week in no-gi at the Southend Open so you can bet I’m fired up for that one!


British Open 2015 - 003

British Open 2015 - 005

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