Immaculate Submission Only 2013

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So I finally got around to competing for first time since the Europeans Championships back in October 2012.

I’d been looking forward to this event as it’s a rule set I really like and I’ve been cutting weight really successfully again using a Leangains approach. Training and dieting has been on point and I was pretty confident that competing in the -90Kg class I would be able to step on the scales without having to do anything stupid to make the weight. No dehydration…that’s something I’d never had the joy of doing in competition before.

Stepped on scales at 88.5Kg in my gear with no problems, just ate a little less the day before and was even able to eat on the morinign of the vent. I’m definitely going to have to keep this trend going as it takes loads of effort out of competition!

I competed in -90Kg advanced division which was a combined purple/brown/black belt division. No black belts were present to my knowledge but there were some very handy brown belts on show including my friends from Carlson Gracie Kent.

The rule set was submission only with 15 minute rounds! Meaning if you don’t submit your opponent in 15 minutes (and they don’t submit you!) then you’re both disqualified from the competition! This is a very cool set of rules and you don’t see a whole lot of stalling because it’s not beneficial to either combatant.

In the first round of my weight class I fought a brown belt from Roger Gracie Academy. Fun match, lots of standup wrestling for position. I scored a couple of TD’s (I say scored…of course they don’t actually score in this rule set) and he got a sweep from half guard and passed to side. I defended and restored guard then in the last couple of minutes hit a nice triangle entry and synched it up. However 15 minutes is a loooooong round and I had nothing left on my legs. Ended up sweeping with the triangle to finish in top position but time then ran out. Happy with that performance though. Gave me a nice boost before the absolute div.

First match of the absolute division I fought a purple belt from the weight class below mine. Again loads of standup wrestling with no one really committing too much. I can’t remember how we ended up on the floor but I got a nice electric chair sweep straight away and came up to top position. Passed a couple of times and essentially just rode the top position for most of the match. At around the 12 minute mark (seriously these fights are long!) I hit a Peruvian necktie and switched off to an Anaconda choke which got the tap. Happy to get a sub but so tired!

Semi-final I had the Brown belt who ended up winning my weight class and the absolute division. Big guy, really technical and absurdly strong. I was so gassed a really didn’t but up much of a fight and he hit a nice arm-drag to back control followed by an RNC after about 90 seconds. Even if I hadn’t have been as tired as I was I’m pretty certain he’d still have dealt with me fairly swiftly. The guy was very good.

Due to the format the other semi-final ended with a double DQ and as I’d already scored a sub win in the round before (the other guys had byes to the semis) the rules meant the Bronze medal went to me. A nice little bit of shiny stuff for my troubles.

Absolute medalists:


Team photo with Jack Lister and Bruce Jamison who picked up double gold in -90Kg beginner and beginner absolute divisions.