Leicester Shootfighters Open Mat – February 2013

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WHEN: Sunday 3rd of February 2013
WHERE: Leicester Shootfighters ( http://leicestermma.co.uk/ )
WHAT: Charity Grappling Open Mat

All photos are very kindly courtesy of http://www.photosbygen.co.uk

I haven’t had the opportunity to make the trip up to Leicester since I refereed the gyms last interclub tournament back in September of last year.

I do wish I could get up there for some random training sessions more often as I never fail to take away a few excellent details and this visit was no exception. The event was attended by members of several different clubs who came together for four hours of rolling, tutorials and general banter. All raising £150 in the process for a local Leicester charity.

Huge credit has to be given to LSF head coach Nathan Leverton for putting the day together. Running a club day-to-day is hard enough work so it’s always great to know there are people out there who want to go that extra mile for their club members and acquaintances. More clubs need to do this.

The day started off with some general rolling. Actually it really started off with a recap of the previous nights UFC and paleo friendly chocolate brownie competition but that’s a benefit of arriving a good hour early to catch up with everyone.

I had a chance to roll with Nathan, something we haven’t actually done for over 18 months, and damn was it a lot of fun.

There was a break mid way through for a few techniques. Nathan demonstrated some very nasty ways to setup/adjust an arm triangle including an adaption to a neck crank finish. As the demo dummy on the receiving end of these I can attest to their extreme effectiveness! Liam ‘Bermuda’ Corrigan demonstrated a really cool counter to rubber guard control which fakes a loss of posture before driving the opponent back to the mat.

I then showed one of my favourite sweeps from half guard and a subsequent sneaky knee-bar from the bottom. The sweep was nicked a few years ago from an old Helio Soneca DVD and the kneebar is something I started doing after refereeing Oliver Geddes vs Simon McGovern in 2010 but then also popped up in a seminar with Dean Lister.

A few photos of myself and Nathan demoing the techniques:

Following this we rolled a bit longer then, after four hours of almost constant sweating, descended upon a nearby pub to consume as much meat as we could handle. All-in-all, I wish most Sundays were like this.

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