My Latest Training Revelation

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I’m pretty certain that over the last couple of months: I’ve been a complete wimp.

I actually paid a well regarded professional (Andy Morgan at to sort my nutrition out following a approach. I had a pretty reasonable idea of what I’d need to do to implement the protocol anyway but I wanted his expertise and tracking. I got it…and I wasted it.

Not entirely of course. I upped my major lifts and dropped some BF% points along the way but I definitely screwed up big time in not being completely compliant and using a multitude of excuses to wimp out. Notably I did not stick to my nutrition plan on the weekends and on many ‘carb days‘ I added cookies in. Really not useful!

It really shouldn’t be hard to stick to a plan that’s relaxed, allows you to train without feeling utterly beaten down and also lets you eat a lot of food (even on a cut!). Somehow I struggled with what should have been the easiest WOE (way of eating) I’ve ever done.

But wait, let’s make matters worse. Here’s a list of some self-experimentation stuff I’ve done since that protocol ended…

– Consumed copious amounts of ephedrine (though never more than 24mg in a dose).
– Taken very high doses of caffeine.
– Eaten under 1000 calories/day of entirely protein in a ‘protein sparing modified fast‘.
– Psychologically broken from the aforementioned PSMF…I lasted a week.
– Lost 11lbs in 12 days.
– Lost 7 reps of my 300lb max effort dead-lift in the process.
– Had my BJJ coach wonder if I’m the walking dead.
– Got knocked near-unconscious in MMA sparring.
– Learned that significant training output really does require carbs.

…yep, I think that’s about it!

However, I have recently realised that I’m beating myself up over nothing. Over the past six years I got so used to doing very hard structured plans that I found it even harder to give myself a break. That’s what’s compromising my chances of long term success. Dieting hard sucks for everyone…proper eating to support your training shouldn’t and that’s the bit I messed up. It’s not like I can’t cook after all.


Incidentally I stumbled across a brilliant website by Nate Green on a brutal one month self-experiment he did with John Beradi and Martin Rooney. It’s awesome! This is by far the most entertaining thing I’ve read recently:

I deserve a break. I was starting to just get mentally fatigued with the whole idea of losing more weight and it was wearing me down in everything I’m doing. Let’s be chilled, be consistent and let the chips fall where they may. I’m not planning on competing anytime soon so I really shouldn’t let the excuse of ‘being on the cusp of a weight division’ influence me into stupid decisions…like most of that list above.

I ponder these kind of things whilst waiting for the gym to open…

So I’m happily off and running again with lean-gains. God knows why I stopped it in the first place. Idiocy really. Today I squatted, get a decent BJJ session in and get to consume two kilos of food. #Winning.

I’m looking forward to making some serious training progress in the next few months but for now, enjoy this promo vid for Cage Warriors 54 in 10 days…

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