Nerd Fitness 6 Week Challenge – Reflection

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I’m a member of the Nerd Fitness forums, a site dedicated to nerds/geeks from all walks of life to come together and treat their lives like a computer game, leveling up 6 weeks at a time. It’s a slightly less formal environment than Fitocracy (my current favourite for fitness social networking) but equally as fun.

This particular challenge ran from 6th August to 16th September 2012. Despite contributing to the forums for some time it’s the first time I’ve decided to take part in one of the challenges.

I kept up my logs for every single day, being extremely consistent with detailing everything I’ve done or eaten in the last six weeks. It’d been very rewarding to say the least. Click here to see my full challenge log on Nerd Fitness.

Here’s a few amusing statistics from the challenge:

– My weight went from 94Kg to 89Kg (The lightest I’ve been so far).
– Body fat has dropped a consistent 3-4% dependent on hydration (the downside of bio-impedance devices!)
– Having got firmly into O-lifting I performed 1000 power snatch reps over the course of the challenge with weights ranging from 35Kg – 65Kg.
– After wanting to learn the power clean during the challenge I performed 260 reps with weights ranging from 35Kg (77lbs) – 75Kg (165lbs) and 119 reps of power clean & jerks with weights ranging from 35Kg (77lbs) – 60Kg (132lbs).

My actual 6 week goals were:

– Get consistent 6am morning workouts in every week day. (Achieved: Grade A)
– Learn and make technical improvement on the power clean. (Achieved: Grade A)
– Constantly let lower belts start from a dominant position in sparring to work my escapes and use greater energy output. (Achieved: Grade B)

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