Nerd Fitness – 6 Week Challenge – Sep-Nov

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Well I’ve decided to do another Nerd Fitness 6 week challenge!

I themed this one completely along the lines of Miyamoto Musashi quotes from ‘The Book of Five Rings’.

Here are the new goals I set out:

“Once you understand The Way broadly, you can see it in all things.” ― Miyamoto Musashi

Age: 28
Height: 5’ 11’’
Weight: [89Kg (195.8lbs) – NOTE: Current total loss 126lbs
BF (bio-impedence): 16.40-20.20% (dependant on hydration)

Goal 1: ‘Do nothing that is of no use’ – Musashi

I’ve had a good 7 weeks of linear progression lately but I’m terrible at forcing more weight on to the bar and being consistent about it. I have 2 friends I train with both on their 4th cycles of Jim Wendlers 5/3/1 and seeing excellent improvement. They have suggested I give this an attempt. It’s a four week cycle, the fourth week of whch is a deload week. The whole scheme is based towards good slow progression with mnimal plateau or injury potential.

Summary: Complete the first cycle and a half of 5/3/1

Goal 2: ‘To know ten thousand things, know one well’ – Musashi

I destroyed a chin-up duel in my last challenge and it felt great to just be able to chew through them. From only being able to do negatives with assistance bands my sets are now up to 8-10. I would like the same success wtih pull-ups. Right now I can do a set of 3, not particularly pretty looking ones. I wish to change that….I wish to know Pull-ups well. A set of 5 I dont think will be hard enough for 6 weeks so lets go for more!

Summary: Complete a set of 8 pull-ups.

Goal 3: ‘If you wish to control others you must first control yourself’ – Musashi

Weight is a battle I have had for years now but I have finally (especially with the help of the last challenge) turned the corner in my head. I am the lightest I’ve ever been but this leaves me stuck between two weight divisions for competition in BJJ or MMA weight cats. If I can hit the next weight down in competition it will mean I have droppped a weight class in competition every year for the last four years (2009: +100Kg / 2010: -100Kg / 2011: -94.2Kg). The ideal is to hit the no-gi middle-heavy limit for the European champs in London in 4 weeks…that’s 85.5kg in shorts and rashguard. So probably 3Kg needed in 4 weeks…

Summary: Drop to ‘Meio-Pesado’ (85.5Kg no-gi and 88.2Kg in gi) preferably by the ‘European Championships’ on 21st Oct, if not then by the end of the challenge ready for the ‘English open’ in November.

Bonus thought for the day:

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