Some mid-month good feelings

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Well isn’t this month going rather well?! As any of you who’ve read my other writing will know I’m a firm believer in keeping things positive but this month certainly has plenty of good things to be thankful for.

Lets kick off with what’s undoubtedly the biggest success of the past few weeks: The Top Control Podcast

I’d played with the idea of doing some form of self published content beyond writing the odd BJJ article before but not quite found the niche or practicality I wanted, especially fitting around my full time job (I’m an Architect remember!). But for some reason it became glaringly apparent that nobody in Europe was producing a consistent and good quality podcast geared towards the grappling aspects of combat sports. So I built one…


Obviously you can check it out on this website but it’s also available via iTunes and Stitcher!


The show passed 350 downloads in the first 72 hours which is pretty cool!

It also received some nice feedback on Twitter from a few folks which gave me a warm fuzzy feeling.

All feedback and constructive criticism is more than welcome so please get rating, sharing and liking!



So, what’s next? Ahhh yes: Cage Warriors 58 has been announced! I was going to say it’s been announced with a bang but given the location that may not be themost appropriate pun to use here. Simply put: we’re off to Grozny in Chechnya!

Now I know what you’re thinking, after all it was voted the ‘worlds most destroyed city‘ in 2002! But never fear! There have been major rebuilding efforts over the last ten years and we are there as guests of the government so all should be well! I’m really looking forward to it because let’s face it: who else gets to do stuff like this?! Even the UK foreign office still has a travel ban on the country. It may not be somewhere I ever thought BJJ and MMA would take me but I have no desire to miss having this as one of the crazy stories of my life!

You can read some of the preliminary details for Cage Warriors 58 in Chechnya HERE

Right, last quick thing I promise…

The Team Kumite MMA Blog took the time to write and article about commentary in MMA called The Voice From The Sidelines.

A good piece because they actually explained what it is each commentator does – they’re fairly different roles and this is quite often overlooked. Partially because if done correctly the play-by-play announcer has to almost intentionally look less educated by asking the colour guy questions he probably already knows most of the answer to! Anyway have a read and I’ll highlight my favorite bits right now…



Thanks for the compliments guys, it’s definitely made me feel good this week…handy since it’s my birthday in two days!