Southend No-Gi 2015 AKA Standing Around is Boring

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Crashed back to earth this week after my recent high of winning the British BJJ Open.

Moved briefly back up to Heavyweight to compete at the Southend No-Gi Open. Just the one match against a great competitor. Slightly frustrating for us both being left around standing for four hours despite being the only two competitors in our bracket!

Nevertheless we had a fun match which I eventually lost four points to two.

A nice positive was my arm drag take down still going strong. Also, I started trying to play some shin to shin entries after being introduced to them by Professor bon Giorno at South Jersey BJJ last March.

Sticking with the positives: scored this TD in 5 of my last 8 matches. #BJJ #ArmDrag #Wrestling #MarceloKnows

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Wasn't a clean move at all but do you remember showing me this @southjerseybjj ? It was worth a shot! #BJJ

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