Super 15 – Bournemouth

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Since I’ve cutback a little on the MMA commentary this year to pursue other projects I’ve had the chance to ump onboard with some exciting new grappling promotions. Firstly there was Polaris in January and now, May sees me take to the mic for Super15.

Born from Martin Ashton, one of the co-founders of sub15teen in conjunction with Jimmy Johnstone of Phoneix MMA, this show builds on the ever growing submission only format. Whilst not quite kicking off with the star power that Polaris possessed, super 15 promised to be quite the show!

15 fights, 15 minutes each, submission only. Simple.

I kicked off my day with an early morning jaunt down to Jimmy’s academy in Bournemouth. I never like to travel anywhere without getting a roll in if I can help it! It’s a great setup and a huge academy, worth stopping by if you’re in the Southwest UK.


The venue for the show itself was phenomenal. The O2 Academy in Bournemouth is perfectly suited to combat sports. The enclosing arena style Space perfectly focuses on the attention of the spectators towards the matted focal point.

It would be fair to say the evening started slowly. Several fights without submissions did initially leave us feeling that it would be a long event! However the tide quickly shifted and we were treated to a succession of close, enjoyable matches.

I worked the show alongside Andy Kerr, a fighter I’d actually commentated on at recent Cage Warriors events.

Highlight of the night would have to be the crowd atmosphere for Bradley Hill versus mad Jack McGee. Electric!


Congratulations to all involved in putting on a well run and well received first event. I’ve already been made aware that’s the second instalment is imminent and that bigger names in the grappling world I heading our way.

Until then I have a few more grappling shows to look forward to. In July I will be commentating the second TUFF invitational event before Polaris 2 takes centre stage in September!




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