Top Control #011 – Mike Leng

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In the first episode of 2015 I chat to combat sports nutritionist Mike Leng from Unorthodox Nutrition. Mike has clients ranging from UFC veterans to domestic MMA & BJJ fighters to World Champion Escrima athletes and Natiional level boxers! We chat many of the issues grapplers should think about with nutrition and why so many people overlook good nutrition for … Read More

A Little Jaunt to Denmark

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I nipped over to Copenhagen last week for a little getaway. Really enjoyed the city! There also happened to be a four night moving street rave called ‘Distortion‘ that was taking place. Very fun and different. Did a free walking tour for 3 hours with ‘Copenhagen Free Walking Tours‘ that I highly recommend! Checking out the old palace..burnt down and … Read More

The Reading List – September 2012

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I don’t read as much as I should and I go through spates of frantically devouring books every week to never seeing a printed word for a few months! Either way I’m generally happiest when I’m consuming some sort of educational or thought provoking material. The one thing I don’t read is fiction. The current read: ‘Bounce: The Myth of … Read More

No Arguments – Blogs Are Awesome

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People have a lot of varying views on the value of blogs – particularly in the nutrition and training realm where there seem to be so many conflicting ideals not to mention that dreaded over-bearing shadow: conventional wisdom! I know some who think everything not printed in a text book is just ‘Broscience’ and haven’t quite accepted that a lot … Read More