Polaris 3 – Poole

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Eveyone I worked with at MMA shows always used to joke that I was grappling biased. This is, it’s fair to say, true. But everytime I get to commentate a Polaris Jiu-Jitsu Invitational event, I’m reminded why I really do love the sport of submission grappling. Polaris 3 took place at the Lighthouse Centre in Poole right down on the … Read More

TUFF Grappling Challenge 3

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Had the pleasure of being asked back to commentate this great domestic event alongside the always entertaining Dan ‘Raspberry Ape’ Strauss. As great as some of the adult match ups were, the kids were the ones who stole the show! I highly recommend you check out this scrap between Cameron Hibbert and Mounir Baaziz. You can also catch the full … Read More

Polaris 2 – September 2015

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I had the honor of calling the second Polaris Grappling show this month in Cardiff. Broadcasted on the new FloGrappling network, the show featured some amazing talent including not only the worlds best veterans such as Shaolin and Robson Moura but many new stars like Garry Tonon and Eddie Cummings. Accompanied by Nick Osipczyk, I was also joined on commentary … Read More

Well that was an interesting 4.5 years!

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Nope, not ready. Nobody is ever ready…at least not in their own heads. Just as I was beginning to get happy with being really competitive at purple belt this happens! Seriously though, I haven’t been concerned about belts for a very long time but to get this awarded by my good friend Lee Doski in the presence of Carlson Gracie … Read More

Southend No-Gi 2015 AKA Standing Around is Boring

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Crashed back to earth this week after my recent high of winning the British BJJ Open. Moved briefly back up to Heavyweight to compete at the Southend No-Gi Open. Just the one match against a great competitor. Slightly frustrating for us both being left around standing for four hours despite being the only two competitors in our bracket! Nevertheless we … Read More

I Won My First British Championship!

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You guys won’t know (because I’ve been somewhat lazy in updating the blog with my thought process lately!) but I have had a complete revamp of the way I’ve been training both physically and more importantly: mentally. The result: I just won my first British BJJ Open. Why does this mean so much to me? Well other than I get … Read More

Super 15 – Bournemouth

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Since I’ve cutback a little on the MMA commentary this year to pursue other projects I’ve had the chance to ump onboard with some exciting new grappling promotions. Firstly there was Polaris in January and now, May sees me take to the mic for Super15. Born from Martin Ashton, one of the co-founders of sub15teen in conjunction with Jimmy Johnstone … Read More

Back to Competition!

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A lot has changed in my jiu-jitsu over the past few months. Considering I’ve been at this for seven and a half years, it highlights one of the many things I love about the sport: constant change and progression. Last year generally wasn’t good for my grappling. I was waiting nearly nine months to have my torn meniscus removed. Although … Read More

Top Control #011 – Mike Leng

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In the first episode of 2015 I chat to combat sports nutritionist Mike Leng from Unorthodox Nutrition. Mike has clients ranging from UFC veterans to domestic MMA & BJJ fighters to World Champion Escrima athletes and Natiional level boxers! We chat many of the issues grapplers should think about with nutrition and why so many people overlook good nutrition for … Read More