Polaris Professional Jiu-Jitsu Invitational

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I was extremely pleased to be part of the first ever ‘Polaris Professional Jiu-Jitsu Invitational’ which took place at St Davids Hall in Cardiff last Saturday (10/01/2015). A joint venture by Scramble Sports and Tatami Fightwear, the event brought together sixteen of the worlds best grapplers for eight submission only bouts. It was broadcasted via a live PPV stream on … Read More

IBJJF London No-Gi Open 2014

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It’s been a long road through the NHS minefield to get my knee back in good enough working order where I feel safe for competition again. Whilst at times it’s been immensely frustrating, I’ve emerged with a renewed spirit for harder training and drilling skills into the ground. This has been aided by the crack of dawn sessions I’ve been … Read More

Top Control #010 – Daniel Strauss

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In an energetic episode of the Top Control Podcast, I’m joined by BJJ black belt Daniel Strauss. One of the most recognisable UK figures on the grappling scene, not just because he’s recently put on nearly 20Kg of muscle whilst constantly challenging peceptions of how you should train, eat and look. With some explicit language throughout: we chat about no-gi … Read More

Top Control #009 – Ross Nicholls

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On this weeks episode of the Top Control Podcast I’m joined by BJJ brown belt and prolific competitor Ross Nicholls. We chat to the multiple time Euro & British Champion about what he’s learned in over 170 competition matches, why you should train with as many different camps as possible and his upcoming match at next weekends Subf15teen event. Check … Read More

My Interview with the ‘Eat Sleep Grow Repeat’ Podcast

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Leaving apart the fact that rather amusingly Jamie spelt ‘Jiu-Jitsu’ wrong…this was a really fun interview to do! I’m also overwhelmed by the lovely response from the facebook community – many people have heard my story before but plenty haven’t and to see it shared so well was really nice to see. Get the podcast on iTunes here: iTunes …or … Read More

Top Control #008 – Darragh O Conaill

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On this weeks episode of the Top Control Podcast, it’s my pleasure to be joined by Irelands newest BJJ black belt Darragh O Conaill. We discuss the necessity for competition no matter how nervous you may be! The focus of appropriate mindset and routine in competition. Training with Saulo Ribeiro and Rafael Lovato Jr as well as lessons learned from … Read More

New Sponsor: Valor Fightwear!

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I am very pleased to say that I, and my endeavors with the Top Control Podcast, are now sponsored by the most excellent: VALOR FIGHTWEAR. I have been particularly impressed with the products Valor have produced over the last 18 months, their excellent price point and their willingness to sponsor both BJJ and MMA practitioners. Anyone who has met Kevin … Read More

Top Control #006 – Alex Enlund

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On this weeks episode of the Top Control Podcast, I’m joined by BJJ brown belt and 10-2 Pro-MMA fighter Alex Enlund. We chat about his particular brand of ‘assertive jiu-jitsu‘ in Mixed Martial Arts, his insane conversion rate of take down to rear naked chokes, his love for the sport, training and coaching. We also discuss BJJ competitions and bringing … Read More

Artemis BJJ – Charity Grapplethon 2014

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Artemis BJJ – Charity Grapplethon 2014 for ‘Kinergy’. As I had to drive past Bristol on the way back from CW in Swansea, I decided to make a point of stopping by the Grapplethon on the way home. Great groiup of pople raisinng money for a good cause. After being up for 18 hours straight I’m sure a fresh me … Read More

Subf15teen Grappling Show – March 2014

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In the past I have been fairly vocal about my preference for attacking and non-points based grappling. Thankfully this is a stance that appears to be at the forefront of discussion in modern BJJ. We are beginning to see considerably more tournaments go down the ‘submission only’ route and as a result it is giving rise to showcase grappling events. … Read More