Cage Warriors 75 – London

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Well…after 18 months away: Cage Warriors has returned! Not only has it returned: it’s returned with a vengence including a deal to be broadcast live on UFC Fightpass! I’m soon to be reolocating a few thousand miles, so it’s very unlikely I’ll be able to continue representing CWFC ont he screen. However, when management asked my to do this show, … Read More

Wrapping Up CWFC 73

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After six weeks away from the mic, the arrival of Cage Warriors 73 at the Metro Radio Arena in Newcastle could not come soon enough! Owing to a few hiccups with some of the Middle East shows that were scheduled, this card had been made another double bill. Just like the marathon of last June ( Cage Warriors 69: Super … Read More

Wrapping Up CWFC 72

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Ok, so I missed a post on CWFC 71 which took place in Jordan last month however we swiftly rolled on to Cage Warriors 72 in Newport, South Wales! Some typically engrossing and emotional fights plus the odd bit of controversy! Here’s the highlight video: I shan’t link all the fights as you can see them on Channel 4 or … Read More

How I Think About Fight Commentary

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Every so often I’ll get an email from someone requesting any thoughts I can offer on commentating Mixed Martial Arts. It’s typically a fighter who’s got a chance to fill in on a regional show and hopes I can give them some pointers. This can be tricky. It’s undoubtedly one of the most subjective areas of covering the sport and … Read More

Wrapping Up CWFC 70

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…and we, are, back! The Summer break is over and Cage Warriors is back in full swing. We kicked off the second half of 2014 with a return to Dublin where you’ll know, if you’ve ever seen any of our other shows there, the crowds and fights are simply crazy! This was also the long awaited debut of the promotion … Read More

Wrapping up CWFC 69 Super Saturday

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You know how sometimes there’s a lot of hype coming into an event and it just doesn’t quite live up to it? None of that here whatsoever! Cage Warriors 69 Super Saturday promised to be an amazing event from the moment it was announced. Every fight was enjoyable, particularly the first half of the card which I have to admit … Read More

New Sponsor: Valor Fightwear!

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I am very pleased to say that I, and my endeavors with the Top Control Podcast, are now sponsored by the most excellent: VALOR FIGHTWEAR. I have been particularly impressed with the products Valor have produced over the last 18 months, their excellent price point and their willingness to sponsor both BJJ and MMA practitioners. Anyone who has met Kevin … Read More

Top Control #007 – CWFC Super Saturday Preview

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In a slight departure from our typical format: following a quick chat about the Chelmsford Open & BJJ Mundials I’m joined by my Cage Warriors commentary partner Brad Wharton to look ahead to Cage Warriors 69: #SuperSaturday! Two action packed main cards on one night including two world title fights (Ray vs Warburton & Hermansson vs Paraisy) and the return … Read More