Cage Warriors 50 Glasgow – How did I forget this…

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I know I’ve been a bit off the draw recently with keeping my blog up-to-date but it’s shameful to think I didn’t make some reference to the great night of MMA in Glasgow that Cage Warriors hosted at the tail end of 2012! Undeniably one of the best of events of 2012. Check out the highlight here: ..and this could … Read More

Cage Warriors 51 – Dublin

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WOW! All I can say is that was an unbelievable night of fights. New Years eve, Dublin, packed crowd…can I say more?! Without a doubt one of the best fight atmospheres I have been part of. The Irish never fail to disappoint! Paul Redmond definitely inspired me to go try a few more rolling toeholds in BJJ practice now – … Read More

Epic Kazushi Sakuraba Video

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Just stumbled upon this very recent and insanely brilliant Kazushi Sakuraba highlight called: ‘Remembering Grace’. Huge props to ‘FightFan180’ for putting this together. Watch it and then tell me you don’t want to go and train!

Cage Warriors 49 Cardiff – Pre-Event Promo

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Almost time for another crazy night at Cage Warriors and the Welsh have been waiting a long time for CWFC to hit the country. A few brilliant fights on the main card (We get to find out who the women’s 125lb title is going to!) and some very solid prelims to look forward to also. Can’t wait for this one!

No Arguments – Blogs Are Awesome

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People have a lot of varying views on the value of blogs – particularly in the nutrition and training realm where there seem to be so many conflicting ideals not to mention that dreaded over-bearing shadow: conventional wisdom! I know some who think everything not printed in a text book is just ‘Broscience’ and haven’t quite accepted that a lot … Read More

Fusion Fighting Championship – Unfinished Business

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Several times a year I get the pleasure of nipping down to what I feel is the epitome of England’s ‘Green & pleasant land’…it probably helps that every time so far it’s been bathed in a warm summery glow…but even so, Epsom Downs racecourse is about as relaxing as the countryside gets. The grandstand plays host to ‘Fusion Fighting Championships‘, … Read More

Cage Warriors Fight Night 7 – Post Event Promo

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One of the things I love about our latest format for CWFC events is the sheer amount of eye-popping video content that goes around the web before, during and after the show. Between Brad & Tommy’ and the primary production company we always end up with great highlight material that gets folks fired up for the next show. This instalment … Read More

Cage Warriors Fight Night 7 – Behind The Scenes

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[aside title=”Who is Tommy?”] Tommy Lakes has joined the CWFC team from Dublin and will be working alongside Brad Wharton to produce soem great video content for all upcoming Cage Warriors shows! Follow Tommy on Twitter: @TommySekal [/aside] [seven_columns] Check out this great highlight video by photographer/videographer Tommy Lakes. Tommy was on site at the show in Amman shooting some … Read More