Food Porn – February 2013

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I may have splurged a tad more than I was should have this month! But I got some great meat stocks in as you will see and with the 6 Nations starting, took up a new weekend activity of ‘Rib-eyes & Rugby’. Let’s start with an item that makes all things better: steak! Three decent rib-eyes. Dry brine in my … Read More

Food Porn – January 2013

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So here’s my ‘Food Porn’ update for January 2013! I completely succumbed to buying a few new gadgets over the past thirty days. Stovetop smoke, japanese mandolin, new oven proof frying pans – the list goes on! Almost everything I’ve been eating is fairly well adherent to the leangains system I’ve been following. Not entirely ‘Paleo’ any more due to … Read More

I have been busy, honestly I have!

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Time for a general update: I haven’t been that focused on updating this blog recently mainly because…well I’ve been out doing all those things I enjoy. It’s not that I haven’t had worthy things to write about either. I could have coddled together a few posts covering a range of topics but given time constraints I’m weary of pointlessness…the irony … Read More

Food Porn – Bacon Explosion

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I couldn’t think of a more fitting concoction than this mound of porky goodness to kick of the ‘Paleo Food Porn‘ posts on this blog. The ‘Bacon Explosion‘ has been around for some time now ( but rarely have I seen anyone in this country actually attempt to make one. This may be because actually getting the main component (really … Read More

Nerd Fitness – 6 Week Challenge – Sep-Nov

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Well I’ve decided to do another Nerd Fitness 6 week challenge! I themed this one completely along the lines of Miyamoto Musashi quotes from ‘The Book of Five Rings’. Here are the new goals I set out: “Once you understand The Way broadly, you can see it in all things.” ― Miyamoto Musashi Age: 28 Height: 5’ 11’’ Weight: [89Kg … Read More

No Arguments – Blogs Are Awesome

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People have a lot of varying views on the value of blogs – particularly in the nutrition and training realm where there seem to be so many conflicting ideals not to mention that dreaded over-bearing shadow: conventional wisdom! I know some who think everything not printed in a text book is just ‘Broscience’ and haven’t quite accepted that a lot … Read More

Nerd Fitness 6 Week Challenge – Reflection

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I’m a member of the Nerd Fitness forums, a site dedicated to nerds/geeks from all walks of life to come together and treat their lives like a computer game, leveling up 6 weeks at a time. It’s a slightly less formal environment than Fitocracy (my current favourite for fitness social networking) but equally as fun. This particular challenge ran from … Read More