Food Porn – Lemon & Chia Gluten/Dairy Free Muffins

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Since I’m heading off to the Charity Open Mat at Leicester Shootfighters tomorrow, I thought I’d whip something up for the impromptu Paleo bake-off that often takes place. It’s kind of fitting, since I’ve gone back to being completely gluten free for the last month and actually almost dairy free by accident. Since I’d been lamenting my knee injury over … Read More

Food Porn – Slow Cooker Pulled Pork

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Last week I made a trip to Aussie BBQ in Dublin with SBG Ireland coach John Kavanagh (more on that trip to follow). One of the excellent BBQ items on offer was pulled pork…proper pulled pork. As one of many meaty concoctions John as seen on my twitter feed, I promised I’d write him a proper tutorial on how to … Read More

Food Porn – Broccoli Protein Bread

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Huge thanks to Anna at Protein Pow(D)er for coming up with this recipe! Make sure you check out her original blog post here: Essentially the recipe broke down to this: – 1/2 cup (60g) Pea Protein Isolate – 1/2 cup (45g) Whey Protein Isolate – 3 or 4 Egg whites – 2 Whole Eggs – A cup of steamed … Read More

Food Porn – March 2013

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Bit of a slow month and I’m sorry to say I messed about a lot here! I finished my run of Leangains with Andy Morgan from and for some bizarre reason thought I’d go back to doing my own thing…despite adding weight to all of my lifts and generally feeling better. Not smart. I did a short run of … Read More

Food Porn – February 2013

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I may have splurged a tad more than I was should have this month! But I got some great meat stocks in as you will see and with the 6 Nations starting, took up a new weekend activity of ‘Rib-eyes & Rugby’. Let’s start with an item that makes all things better: steak! Three decent rib-eyes. Dry brine in my … Read More

Food Porn – January 2013

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So here’s my ‘Food Porn’ update for January 2013! I completely succumbed to buying a few new gadgets over the past thirty days. Stovetop smoke, japanese mandolin, new oven proof frying pans – the list goes on! Almost everything I’ve been eating is fairly well adherent to the leangains system I’ve been following. Not entirely ‘Paleo’ any more due to … Read More

Food Porn – Bacon Explosion

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I couldn’t think of a more fitting concoction than this mound of porky goodness to kick of the ‘Paleo Food Porn‘ posts on this blog. The ‘Bacon Explosion‘ has been around for some time now ( but rarely have I seen anyone in this country actually attempt to make one. This may be because actually getting the main component (really … Read More

Nerd Fitness – 6 Week Challenge – Sep-Nov

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Well I’ve decided to do another Nerd Fitness 6 week challenge! I themed this one completely along the lines of Miyamoto Musashi quotes from ‘The Book of Five Rings’. Here are the new goals I set out: “Once you understand The Way broadly, you can see it in all things.” ― Miyamoto Musashi Age: 28 Height: 5’ 11’’ Weight: [89Kg … Read More

No Arguments – Blogs Are Awesome

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People have a lot of varying views on the value of blogs – particularly in the nutrition and training realm where there seem to be so many conflicting ideals not to mention that dreaded over-bearing shadow: conventional wisdom! I know some who think everything not printed in a text book is just ‘Broscience’ and haven’t quite accepted that a lot … Read More

Nerd Fitness 6 Week Challenge – Reflection

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I’m a member of the Nerd Fitness forums, a site dedicated to nerds/geeks from all walks of life to come together and treat their lives like a computer game, leveling up 6 weeks at a time. It’s a slightly less formal environment than Fitocracy (my current favourite for fitness social networking) but equally as fun. This particular challenge ran from … Read More