Well that was an interesting 4.5 years!

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Nope, not ready. Nobody is ever ready…at least not in their own heads. Just as I was beginning to get happy with being really competitive at purple belt this happens! Seriously though, I haven’t been concerned about belts for a very long time but to get this awarded by my good friend Lee Doski in the presence of Carlson Gracie … Read More

I Won My First British Championship!

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You guys won’t know (because I’ve been somewhat lazy in updating the blog with my thought process lately!) but I have had a complete revamp of the way I’ve been training both physically and more importantly: mentally. The result: I just won my first British BJJ Open. Why does this mean so much to me? Well other than I get … Read More

Back to Competition!

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A lot has changed in my jiu-jitsu over the past few months. Considering I’ve been at this for seven and a half years, it highlights one of the many things I love about the sport: constant change and progression. Last year generally wasn’t good for my grappling. I was waiting nearly nine months to have my torn meniscus removed. Although … Read More

I’m Finally Back On The Mend!

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I have always known that at some point in my grappling exploits I’ll acquire a significant enough injury to keep me out for a lengthy amount of time. I’ve had close calls before of course: a seriously pulled pec major courtesy of a Judo Olympian, a nasty bout of cellulitis from an infection in my arm and a ‘slight’ fracture … Read More

Top Control #010 – Daniel Strauss

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In an energetic episode of the Top Control Podcast, I’m joined by BJJ black belt Daniel Strauss. One of the most recognisable UK figures on the grappling scene, not just because he’s recently put on nearly 20Kg of muscle whilst constantly challenging peceptions of how you should train, eat and look. With some explicit language throughout: we chat about no-gi … Read More

My Interview with the ‘Eat Sleep Grow Repeat’ Podcast

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Leaving apart the fact that rather amusingly Jamie spelt ‘Jiu-Jitsu’ wrong…this was a really fun interview to do! I’m also overwhelmed by the lovely response from the facebook community – many people have heard my story before but plenty haven’t and to see it shared so well was really nice to see. Get the podcast on iTunes here: iTunes …or … Read More

New Sponsor: Valor Fightwear!

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I am very pleased to say that I, and my endeavors with the Top Control Podcast, are now sponsored by the most excellent: VALOR FIGHTWEAR. I have been particularly impressed with the products Valor have produced over the last 18 months, their excellent price point and their willingness to sponsor both BJJ and MMA practitioners. Anyone who has met Kevin … Read More

Artemis BJJ – Charity Grapplethon 2014

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Artemis BJJ – Charity Grapplethon 2014 for ‘Kinergy’. As I had to drive past Bristol on the way back from CW in Swansea, I decided to make a point of stopping by the Grapplethon on the way home. Great groiup of pople raisinng money for a good cause. After being up for 18 hours straight I’m sure a fresh me … Read More

Leicester Shootfighters Charity Open Mat 2014

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Another February rolls around and it’s time for the annual Charity Open Mat at Leicester Shootfighters under the watchful eye of Nathan Leverton. As usual some excellent socialising and grappling took place along with some brilliant impromptu teachings from Nathan and Judo Commonwealth Champ Wayne Lakin. Overall £350 was raised for the ‘MIND’ charity! Added bonus I dispatched the evil … Read More

A Word From My Professor: No Zen Jiu-Jitsu

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Two and a half years ago I achieved one of my biggest accomplishments to date. A purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under this man: This is Wilson Junior. He’s the head instructor for Carlson Gracie here in the UK and he is ‘Old School‘. I mean that in the sense that, true to the Carlsons lineage, he aims for utter … Read More