Win Some Lose Some – AWOL 2

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I have had a busy couple of weeks! Think I’ve earned a bit of a rest before we start building towards the English Open 2013 on 24th November, UCMMA Contenders on December 14th and the whole slew of awesome Cage Warriors shows that are scheduled to top off the year. A few weeks ago I wrote a piece about my … Read More

An Exercise In Performance Anxiety – UCMMA Norwich 21-09-2013

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Well I finally got around to doing something that vaguely resembles an MMA match. Note: I said match since given the rule-set limitations I don’t personally think you can call a c-class Amateur bout a ‘fight’ anymore than you can any single discipline competition. It’s just semantics but I know how touchy some people get about it. I’ve been kind … Read More

Wrapping Up CWFC 59

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The first Cage Warriors title tournament is in the books and blimey did that makes things all the more interesting! Check out the review video of all the nights action: I was also very lucky to be able to get some quality training done whilst I was over in Wales. On the Friday night after the weigh-ins UFC fighter John … Read More

Immaculate Submission Only 2013

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So I finally got around to competing for first time since the Europeans Championships back in October 2012. I’d been looking forward to this event as it’s a rule set I really like and I’ve been cutting weight really successfully again using a Leangains approach. Training and dieting has been on point and I was pretty confident that competing in … Read More

Top Control #002 – Lee Catling

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This weeks episode of the Top Control Podcast, we chat to GB Essex head instructor Lee Catling about the first BJJ seminars in the UK, training with Rickson, effective training for longevity, the importance of focused drilling and why wearing a gi is ‘almost spiritual’. Lee Catling started training at the age of 8 in the art of Tang Soo … Read More

My Latest Training Revelation

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I’m pretty certain that over the last couple of months: I’ve been a complete wimp. I actually paid a well regarded professional (Andy Morgan at to sort my nutrition out following a approach. I had a pretty reasonable idea of what I’d need to do to implement the protocol anyway but I wanted his expertise and tracking. I … Read More

Reaping the Knee: The Fantasy Position of BJJ

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Firstly let me just say thanks to everyone who contributed some excellent discussion to my last post: Am I starting to dislike Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu? The response was amazing and certainly generated a good amount of healthy debate. It is not my intention with this blog to focus on seemingly negative attitudes to our sport. I split my time fairly well … Read More

Leicester Shootfighters Open Mat – February 2013

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WHEN: Sunday 3rd of February 2013 WHERE: Leicester Shootfighters ( ) WHAT: Charity Grappling Open Mat All photos are very kindly courtesy of I haven’t had the opportunity to make the trip up to Leicester since I refereed the gyms last interclub tournament back in September of last year. I do wish I could get up there for … Read More

I have been busy, honestly I have!

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Time for a general update: I haven’t been that focused on updating this blog recently mainly because…well I’ve been out doing all those things I enjoy. It’s not that I haven’t had worthy things to write about either. I could have coddled together a few posts covering a range of topics but given time constraints I’m weary of pointlessness…the irony … Read More