Back to Competition!

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A lot has changed in my jiu-jitsu over the past few months. Considering I’ve been at this for seven and a half years, it highlights one of the many things I love about the sport: constant change and progression. Last year generally wasn’t good for my grappling. I was waiting nearly nine months to have my torn meniscus removed. Although … Read More

Top Control #011 – Mike Leng

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In the first episode of 2015 I chat to combat sports nutritionist Mike Leng from Unorthodox Nutrition. Mike has clients ranging from UFC veterans to domestic MMA & BJJ fighters to World Champion Escrima athletes and Natiional level boxers! We chat many of the issues grapplers should think about with nutrition and why so many people overlook good nutrition for … Read More

Polaris Professional Jiu-Jitsu Invitational

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I was extremely pleased to be part of the first ever ‘Polaris Professional Jiu-Jitsu Invitational’ which took place at St Davids Hall in Cardiff last Saturday (10/01/2015). A joint venture by Scramble Sports and Tatami Fightwear, the event brought together sixteen of the worlds best grapplers for eight submission only bouts. It was broadcasted via a live PPV stream on … Read More

Wrapping Up CWFC 73

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After six weeks away from the mic, the arrival of Cage Warriors 73 at the Metro Radio Arena in Newcastle could not come soon enough! Owing to a few hiccups with some of the Middle East shows that were scheduled, this card had been made another double bill. Just like the marathon of last June ( Cage Warriors 69: Super … Read More

IBJJF London No-Gi Open 2014

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It’s been a long road through the NHS minefield to get my knee back in good enough working order where I feel safe for competition again. Whilst at times it’s been immensely frustrating, I’ve emerged with a renewed spirit for harder training and drilling skills into the ground. This has been aided by the crack of dawn sessions I’ve been … Read More

Wrapping Up CWFC 72

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Ok, so I missed a post on CWFC 71 which took place in Jordan last month however we swiftly rolled on to Cage Warriors 72 in Newport, South Wales! Some typically engrossing and emotional fights plus the odd bit of controversy! Here’s the highlight video: I shan’t link all the fights as you can see them on Channel 4 or … Read More

How I Think About Fight Commentary

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Every so often I’ll get an email from someone requesting any thoughts I can offer on commentating Mixed Martial Arts. It’s typically a fighter who’s got a chance to fill in on a regional show and hopes I can give them some pointers. This can be tricky. It’s undoubtedly one of the most subjective areas of covering the sport and … Read More

Wrapping Up CWFC 70

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…and we, are, back! The Summer break is over and Cage Warriors is back in full swing. We kicked off the second half of 2014 with a return to Dublin where you’ll know, if you’ve ever seen any of our other shows there, the crowds and fights are simply crazy! This was also the long awaited debut of the promotion … Read More

I’m Finally Back On The Mend!

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I have always known that at some point in my grappling exploits I’ll acquire a significant enough injury to keep me out for a lengthy amount of time. I’ve had close calls before of course: a seriously pulled pec major courtesy of a Judo Olympian, a nasty bout of cellulitis from an infection in my arm and a ‘slight’ fracture … Read More