Top Control #006 – Alex Enlund

Josh PalmerTop Control Podcast

On this weeks episode of the Top Control Podcast, I’m joined by BJJ brown belt and 10-2 Pro-MMA fighter Alex Enlund. We chat about his particular brand of ‘assertive jiu-jitsu‘ in Mixed Martial Arts, his insane conversion rate of take down to rear naked chokes, his love for the sport, training and coaching. We also discuss BJJ competitions and bringing … Read More

The Return of the Top Control Podcast!

Josh PalmerMMA Musings, Random Thoughts

Last year in July I launched a new project. I wasn’t sure how it was going to go and didn’t really have a plan beyond just getting it going. This project was the Top Control Podcast: Conversations with all manner of folks involved in the grappling lifestyle. Not just Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu but all grappling styles with some big slants towards … Read More

Wrapping up CWFC 68

Josh PalmerMMA Events

Back to Liverpool! Absurdly long drive up the torrid M6 motorway aside, this venue is seriously good. As for the fights…judge for yourself. Not a single pro-fight went past the second round. Not through poor match making as with some other shows but through great performances and highlight reel worthy finishes.

Artemis BJJ – Charity Grapplethon 2014

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Artemis BJJ – Charity Grapplethon 2014 for ‘Kinergy’. As I had to drive past Bristol on the way back from CW in Swansea, I decided to make a point of stopping by the Grapplethon on the way home. Great groiup of pople raisinng money for a good cause. After being up for 18 hours straight I’m sure a fresh me … Read More

Wrapping up CWFC 67

Josh PalmerMMA Events

Let me just get something out of the way first: Swansea is a long way away and the M4 is atrocious! A drive that should’ve taken a little over four hours on Friday took me just over six! Anyway now that that little rant is over… Really fun show last weekend in Wales. The first trip for Cage Warriors to … Read More

Wrapping Up CWFC 66

Josh PalmerMMA Events

It’s always fun when Cage Warriors travels to a new territory, event the bizarre places we’ve been like Chechnya! Scandinavia appears to be the main new target for expansion this year and Copenhagen, Denmark is the first show for the promotion in the region. A lot of very solid ‘local’ fighters were on the card and after Cathal Pendred stepped … Read More

Subf15teen Grappling Show – March 2014

Josh PalmerBJJ, Grappling Events

In the past I have been fairly vocal about my preference for attacking and non-points based grappling. Thankfully this is a stance that appears to be at the forefront of discussion in modern BJJ. We are beginning to see considerably more tournaments go down the ‘submission only’ route and as a result it is giving rise to showcase grappling events. … Read More

Wrapping Up CWFC 65

Josh PalmerMMA Events

Another show in the history books and another great event in Dublin. Despite being the first Cage Warriors event in the city to not be headlined by a title bout it was still a great card with some solid action. Have a look at this video by Dem Marquez. One of the best put together MMA event highlights I’ve seen … Read More