The Return of the Top Control Podcast!

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Last year in July I launched a new project. I wasn’t sure how it was going to go and didn’t really have a plan beyond just getting it going. This project was the Top Control Podcast: Conversations with all manner of folks involved in the grappling lifestyle. Not just Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu but all grappling styles with some big slants towards applications in MMA and of course, being very close to my heart, lifestyle improvement.

I was extremely pleased with how the first few episodes were received. There were days in the initial launch where the show was getting over 250 downloads per day. This by any ones standards, for a fledgling podcast put together on my laptop, was a very good start. After rocking out the first five episodes (Big thanks to Nathan Leverton, Lee Catling, Frank Trigg, Stuart Cooper & Mats Nilsson for those) I had to make a decision. I really enjoyed those conversations but the entire endeavor was a huge time sink for me, primarily because the logistics of scheduling around my life and the lives of the guests was really hard to do with any consistency to release episodes every single week.

Now given that I’m an all-or-nothing kind of person, I chose to let the whole project lapse because I couldn’t reliably hit shows each and every week. Looking back: that was a dumb move! Owing to what’s happened with Cage Warriors, I’ve definitely missed some pretty decent opportunities to chat to some amazing people in some strange places! (Chechnya anyone?!)

I’m generally pretty hard on myself for anything I do and although I was very happy with the production and content, I couldn’t reconcile not being able to do the show very regularly. Well the good news is: now I have! So long story short: the Top Control Podcast is coming back better than ever. The only difference will be that the release schedule will be a little more carefree! Maybe there’ll be one every two or three weeks, maybe there’ll be a week with two…who knows! But either way I get to keep talking to cool people and if anyone happens to enjoy listening in then that’s great too!

First round of new guests are all set to go so stay tuned, click subscribe again if you rightfully removed the show from your iTunes list for inactivity, and enjoy!

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