Top Control #010 – Daniel Strauss

Josh PalmerTop Control Podcast

In an energetic episode of the Top Control Podcast, I’m joined by BJJ black belt Daniel Strauss. One of the most recognisable UK figures on the grappling scene, not just because he’s recently put on nearly 20Kg of muscle whilst constantly challenging peceptions of how you should train, eat and look.

With some explicit language throughout: we chat about no-gi grappling, how he got his nickname ‘The Raspberry Ape’, competing at the ADCCs, bulking plus the role of strength and his obsession with grip development. Also with comedy bonus lessons on plugging sponsors!

Raspberry Ape – Deathatine Highlight

Daniel Strauss – Wrist Strengthening for BJJ/Grappling (check out the wall of grip!)

SUBF15TEEN – Daniel Strauss VS Liam Corrigan

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