Wrapping Up CWFC 60

Josh PalmerMMA Events

This was another brilliant show.

Check out the review video!

Tournaments are always exciting and for the second time in as many events there were injuries and upsets that saw a young prospect step up from the reserve bout to the tournament final. Congratulations to Sean Carter from BKK fighters for grabbing that opportunity.

There were a lot of submission on the card (all chokes!) and some very worthy submission of the night contenders. Amanda Kelly also deserves a shout-out for a sickening Thai clinch and knees. Look for more from her for sure!

Here’s my vote for sub of the night: Ivan Buchinger in a come from behind whilst very injured moment of brilliance. Hip throw to arm lock…old school Judo!

Semi-Final 01: Cage Warriors 60 prelim: Ivan Buchinger V Mick Sinclair

Semi-Final 02: Cage Warriors 60 prelim: Stevie Ray v Jason Ball

My friend Dom Tsui was also working the gate door at the show and shot this very cool photo of me and John when I wasn’t looking…


Congratulations to Stevie Ray – Awesome performances on his way to becoming the new CWFC lightweight champion…

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