Wrapping Up CWFC 61

Josh PalmerMMA Events

Before you ask: Yes, Cage Warriors 61 took place after Cage Warriors 62. It was a last minute venue and date change but as everything had already been setup and announced, the guys decided to keep the numbering as had been set.

This was ummmm…a very interesting trip! We got caught in one of the worst snow storms Amman has seen! Satellite link kept going down during the broadcast thanks to the snow build-up and then the entire city abandoned their cars in the streets blocking our coach and leaving us to trudge 30 minutes through a foot of snow back to the hotel. Actually a lot of fun once we’d regained the feeling in our hands and feet!

This was our epic walk back…


During the rules meeting:


Brad and I getting ready for the prelims:


Myself, Brooke and Brad (Photo by Dolly Clew/Cage Warriors):