Wrapping Up CWFC 64

Josh PalmerMMA Events

Well that wasn’t a bad way to kick off the new year of Cage Warriors shows! A longer event than usual with six decisions but it was easy to stay pumped with such great action throughout.

Brad joined me on comms as per usual but also with two womens fights on the card, UFC veteran and former CWFC womens champ Rosi Sexton made a guest commentary appearance. That was fun, especially as I had to seamlessly switch between colour and play-by-play comms styles.

The only downside of the event…having Jake Bostwicks blood splattered clear across my MacBook from his epic tussle with Frenchman Boubacar Balde!

Here’s a great bit of filming from new CW team member Dem Marquez

All photos courtesy of Dolly Clew / Cage Warriors.





Fight of the night video of Jake Bostwick vs Boubacar Balde!